Friday, November 22, 2013

New Countertops

If you've read our blog before, you know how we feel about granite... I know, I know, "But everyone loves granite!" Well, that's what we were banking on when we bought a slab for the Little Rock house as we put it on the market this week.  (I'll admit, granite does have perks: durability, heat-tolerant, scratch-resistant, etc.)

We took a cabinet door to the slab yard to try to coordinate with the color and landed on a fairly neutral stone.  It finally got installed late this week- just two days after we put it on the market, and the same day as our first showing.

I have to admit... I kind of really like it! The granite looks nice with the cabinet and wall colors as well as the newly-placed hardwood floors.  

The new look is a far cry from this...

Navy corian, anyone?

Yes, yes, I think changing the countertops was the way to go.

Let's hope the new countertops woo some house-hunters into buying the first Amber Bottle House.

Happy weekend!


  1. Nice kitchen you got here! Glad you went with granite countertops, since they're very easy to clean, so your kitchen won't look so dirty easily. Also, since the granite's value doesn't depreciate, your countertops might even add value to your home!

    Jana Mendoza @ RobinsonTeam

    1. I'm very happy with how they turned out! Now someone just needs to fall in love with the house and BUY it :)