Friday, November 8, 2013

Floors Part 1

Whew! Whirlwind week with the move back to Chatty and starting a new job, but I wanted to share about the floors Grant installed in the Little Rock house... all by himself. (Let's face it: I have the eye, but Grant has the skill. I was moral support.)
I couldn't even lift one of the boxes to help carry them in. Pitiful really.
Because it was laid on the slab, engineered wood was the way to go, and we had to have a moisture barrier, or underlayment.  You know us, though: cheap.  We were thrilled that we could salvage the underlayment from the previous flooring. (That saved about $800!)
The boxes sat in the foyer for three days to let them acclimate.  Then it was time to get started!
First step: ripping the quarter-round nailed to the baseboard and the old flooring. Second step: trying to find somewhere to put the old floor.  Third step: maintaining some semblence of normal and sanity when your house is turned upside-down.
The flooring is an engineered, tongue-in-groove wood, but not click-together.  Grant laid the first row, which left the tongue side exposed.  For the next row, he cut the first board to 1/3 the length to stagger seams. (The third row started with a board 2/3 of the original length, then the next row started with a full board. You get the idea.) Each time he laid a board, he ran a thin strip of this kind of glue down the groove and fit the board over the tongue of the board in the previous row.  Grant laid a scrap wood block against the newly-placed row and lightly tapped the block with a mallet to tighten the seam between the boards.  He wiped any excess glue off the surface of the wood. We used painter's tape to hold everything in place until the glue dried.
Little by little...
Bit by bit...
Don't you love that the vinyl tile was placed atop parkay-like linoleum? So stylish. Not.
We learned along the way that it was easiest to use a reciprocating saw to cut the door frame trim to form gap between the floor and the base of the door frame and slide a board into the gap (so that the the door frame was sitting on the new floor).  At first we tried to trim the boards around the door frame. Not again.
Such a difference, right? Infinitiely better than three types of laminate.
Callie likes the new floors.
Happy floor installing!
Cookie wanted everyone to see how difficult it was for her to sleep on the car ride to Chattanooga. Bless her heart.

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