Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Treasure

On Saturday, my mom (AKA "Prinny") and I loaded up the car and headed downtown to two craft fairs/ markets: one at the Chattanooga Trade & Convention Center and one at the First TN Pavilion. (Events like this are in Chattanooga all the time- it's a great way to find handmade items from the talented people who call Chattanooga home.)

There were so many fun things! Lots of crafters and craftsmen selling their wares: leather-working, jewelry, locally-made foods, monogrammed items, art, screen-printed shirts... 
It. Was. Awesome.

I found a few Christmas presents for Grant (no pictures, obviously), some burlap ribbon ($2/roll!!!) for future wreath-making/crafting...

 ...and a little treasure for me: a ring made from a 1951 silver spoon.

The pattern is called "Magnolia." I love it.  

Some of my favorite pieces were items that had been engraved with a monogram by the original owner years ago.  I can just picture a cute, little 1950's housewife carefully picking a script font to engrave her new last initial onto her brand new silver wedding china.

You can find craft festivals near you here.

Happy hunting!

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