Thursday, October 17, 2013

The New Heirloom

Our first purchase in Little Rock was a Craigslist find. Shocking, I know.  I had emailed a guy about his dining table before we even moved out here, and we met him two days after our move-in.  I might have been slightly impatient to have somewhere to eat.

In the ad for the table, the pictures did not make it look like anything special (maybe a 1970s reproduction of a Queen Anne-style set) so the $250 price tag seemed high.  I haggled down to $175.  We met the guy at his (antique-filled) house and laid eyes on the set.  

The pictures had not done it justice.  It turns out the set was made in the 1880s, and he had the original purchasing papers.  It is beautiful tiger oak- something you don't see in modern pieces. Feeling like we got the steal of the century, we take the table, two leaves, and four antique chairs home.

First things first, I had to recover the seats (the mauve and blue paisley wasn't going to cut it). I chose a cream linen/canvas that was around $3.99/yd.

Voila! Besides Mimaw's buffet, this is my favorite furniture in our house.

How precious are these details?

My hope is that we can pass this set on and keep it in our family... an heirloom that found us on Craigslist.

Happy hunting!



  1. Wonderful find. Beautiful. Love the table runner too.

  2. As the french would say, Quel chance! My favorite type of oak, the dining room set is beautiful!

  3. What a joy to share in your vision. BEAUTIFUL find! I like everything you have done.

  4. Wow, now that's a score! How lucky to have such a beautiful antique table and chairs for that price. Gorgeous.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thanks! The set is one of our favorite things in our house!