Sunday, October 27, 2013

So. Much. Painting.

Two gallons of Clark + Kensington "Beachside" and one gallon of white paint later, almost every surface upstairs has been painted (including the rooms we've already painted). The upstairs landing, trim, and doors are finally finished. 

Also, Grant's office and his built-ins have been painted. I have the blisters to prove it.

Thanks to our friend Tara, we got all of it done in about 2.5 days. (We were delirious by the end of it all.)  She liked to point out that I was painting everything shades of white. I said, "No, the trim is white, and the walls, cream." Okay, okay. The pallet is neutral... it' so clean-looking, though!

The hall and Grant's office feel brighter and less dingy than it did with the yellow-y beige on all the walls and all the trim.  

$90 in paint and supplies and 2.5 days of hilarity with Tara eliminated the remaining '70s.

Happy painting!


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