Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Room Curtains

Although our living room is void of furniture and affectionately called, "The Triage Room," (because it holds everything we don't know what to do with yet/empty boxes) I decided the windows needed curtains. 
Yes, The Triage Room needs curtains. Plus, my mom, aka Master Seamstress, is in town, so I can get help. (We made dummy panels just like I outlined here.)

The fabric needed to match the curtains in the dining room...

... because the rooms are open to each other.

I also wanted the fabric to coordinate with the fabrics in the den to give the ground floor a sense of cohesion.

So we scour the aisles at Wal-Mart hoping to find something similar to the blue paisley in the den (which was only $6/yard or so), but to no avail. We had to do it: we had to buy the fabric at Hancock's that we couldn't forget no matter how hard we tried. We tried to forget the fabric because it was $39.99/yard. Yowzers.  

Fortunately, the fabric was 40% off, making it $24/yard. Still yowzers. BUT it's perfect, and it's what we liked all along.

I love that the fabric looks sort of like linen. And what colonial-style house doesn't need historically accurate colonial fabric? 

As you can see, The Triage Room is pretty empty. At least the windows are now properly dressed.

Happy window-dressing!



  1. Just came to your site from MMS and I love your curtains. Even though the price was high for the fabric, you will enjoy them so much over the years. I taught my daughter that a splurge is worth it if you will get pleasure from the item and use it for years to come. Think about how many years you will use those curtains and the expense drops down for each year...

    1. Thanks for checking out our blog! I'm so in love with the fabric that I've almost forgot how much they cost :)