Saturday, October 26, 2013

Doing What I Said I Wouldn't Do...

I know, I know... I said I wanted a traditional oak floor like this one...

I said no wide-planked, hand-scraped anything... Well, never say never.

We went to several flooring showrooms today and ended up at Lumber Liquidators.  We have kind of a tight timeline and an even tighter budget, so our choices were narrowed.  Also, since the floor is being installed on a slab (rather than joists with a sub-floor), we had to use an engineered wood. (I had also said I wanted a solid wood floor. Foiled again!) 

There was a clearance wide-planked Walnut floor, but it was so perfect-looking that it almost looked like laminate.  There was a traditional oak for $1.59/sq.ft (!!!), but it would take too long to get shipped to the store. The last choice was a dark hand-scraped, wide-planked birch.  It could be floated above the slab rather than being glued to the floor (a time- and money-saver).  So we bought 1000-sq.ft and all the necessary trim and quarter-round and toted it home.

We're supposed to let the wood acclimate to our house for three days before we start installing it. I'll let you know how that process goes... I'm sure that if our marriage can survive the installation, we can make it through anything. (Just kidding, Grant! You're the handiest of handymen!)

Happy DIY-ing!



  1. Gotta say...I like the new wood better! :) I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

    1. Oh, good!! I hope someone will walk in, see the floors, and think, "I HAVE to have this house!" Too optimistic? Maybe.