Thursday, October 31, 2013

Changing the Planter Box

I've had petunias and sweet potato vine in the planter by the mailbox since late spring, and here it is late October with lower temps... I guess it's finally time to plant something for the fall/winter.
I headed over to the nursery to peruse some options.  I had considered planting an evergreen like a compacta holly or a nandina that could be permanent, but I love being able to change the flowers with the seasons, so I started looking at pansies. 
I love the look of pansies with teeny blooms, so I found several different types that kind of coordinate with the purple found in the blooms.  Each 6-pack was $2.99, and a flat (six 6-packs) was $15.  I mixed-and-matched the different types in a flat and head home.

 After removing the petunias and sweet potato vine (AKA "the plant that ate Little Rock" according to my neighbor), I dug a small hole for each and separated the rootball a little bit before placing the flower in. I tried to space the plants evenly throughout the planter box. Lastly I watered them with plant food mixed in.
Hopefully, these little pretty things will be hardy enough to last at least through February or so.
Annuals are great for areas like this that are kind of on display in front of your home. Also, this spot is pretty small, so I don't mind changing it out with the seasons.  For all the color you get for a relatively small cost, annuals are also great for renters
Happy planting!

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