Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Because I Can't Keep My Hands Out of Paint...


Not 24 hours after I finished painting the trim and doors in the dark hallway, I started painting the 9,376 doors and surrounding trim upstairs.  Clearly, I can't live without a project. 

As with the rest of our 1970's house, the landing and hall at the top of the stairs is yellow-y beige with trim in the same color. Ew

It's hard to tell in this picture, but it's yellow-y... I promise.
I went to my typical paint store to get Benjamin Moore's "Glacier White" in eggshell, which of course is not a color they carry anymore.  So I decided on "Seapearl." I head to the counter where I am told their Benjamin Moore tinting machine is broken. Sigh.Then I decide on Clark + Kensington "Beachside." I am then told they are out of Clark + Kensington eggshell. Doh!

I finally left with two gallons of Clark + Kensington "Beachside" in satin/pearl. That errand only took, um, forever.

Anyway, painting the trim white is brightening up the landing quite nicely.  

See the yellow-y?
The walls had taken a beating from 40 years of pets and teenagers, so painting them seemed like the way to go (even though they were a neutral color).

I'll post better pictures of the finished product!

Happy painting!


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