Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Place to Rest

When we first moved into our house, there was this weird, wooden platform between the sidewalk and the front of the house... like in the middle of what should be a flower bed. Strange, I know. 

It's about 5'x10', so at some point, someone had plans to do something with it. Maybe. (Based on the state of the rest of the house when we first moved in, I doubt that it was well thought-out.)

It was just begging to have something- anything. It called to me, "Catherine, make me pretty." Ok, not really because that would be weird.

Anyway, we waited until we found a deal on a sturdy, non-plastic bench at Ace Hardware for around $60. Warning: some assembly required. And by some I mean it was flat-packed.

It fits quite nicely, so I just added an inexpensive outdoor pillow I found at Garden Ridge and some potted plants that had been living by the front door...

For about $70, this oddly-placed platform has been given a purpose.

It's actually a nice place to sit and do... 

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