Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Quapaw Quarter

I became a fan of P. Allen Smith's by watching The Today Show and public television. Lo, and behold, his Garden Home Retreat is just outside of Little Rock!  He also owns a home in downtown Little Rock's Quapaw Quarter. (Do I maybe know too much about this?) 

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I bribed Grant with Sonic Happy Hour, and we headed downtown.

I didn't have a camera other than my phone, so the pictures aren't the best quality, but the houses are a-mazing.  Many of the houses either have been or are in the process of being restored.

We stumbled upon this block first...

Then The Marshall House...

... built in 1908.

Amazing craftsmen-style houses are everywhere...

So are Victorian homes like the Neel-Deane House (c.1890)...

I love this pretty one!

This house is attached to stunning gardens. I really wanted to peek over the fence...

...but I refrained for fear of being a creeper.

Seriously? So pretty.

Oh, yeah. The Governor's Mansion is there also.

This image has a lot of glare, but this house had NO END.

I'm dying. I love them all. Too much.

This makes me want to add a turret to our house.

Yes, yes, I think I need a turret.

So basically it's P. Allen Smith's fault that I want to add a turret to my 1970s, colonial-style house.

There are walking/driving tours of the district, just in case you're ever in Little Rock wanting something to do.

Someday, Grant and I would like to tackle a project like these houses, but for now there is still plenty of '70s needing to be removed from our current house.

Happy historic-house-looking!


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