Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet Lambchop

Meet the newest member of our family...

... Lambchop. (Let the record show I tried for Bessie.)

She had been for sale for a long time at an antique store I frequent.  Every time I'd walk by the booth, I'd ponder the purchase.  Today, Grant tagged along to the antique store, and when I pondered Lambchop, he said,"Well, do you want it?" Um, yes, please!

Lambchop was about $58 at the store (we got 10% off because the owner/cashier thought it was funny that we had named her before we had even paid), but there's a similar one online here.  

I think Lambchop looks perfect right above the wet bar. The space above the louvered doors is large enough to need something, but it has to be pretty short.  Also, I wanted something that wasn't an expected, horizontally-oriented canvas picture.

Happy decorating!


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