Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Master Bath Phase One

Continuing on my crusade to rid the house of all the remaining yellow-y beige trim and cabinetry, I took on the vanity area in the master bedroom/ bathroom...  Please note the the attractive combination of the beige cabinets and white countertops. Oooh la la.

I say "bed/bath" because this area is open to the bedroom part...

(Eventually we will hang a sliding barn door cross the door frame. It had weird double, hollow-core doors when we moved in.)

Let the record show that the cabinet doors were previously painted without taking them down and remove the hardware. Do yourself a favor and take the doors off to avoid un-reusable hardware like this...

Once again, I gathered the materials recommended by Bob at Ace Hardware: a bowl for warm water with dishwashing powder added to use with the sanding sponge, a bowl for warm, clean water with a rag, and a second, dry rag.

I prepped all the trim and cabinets by soaking the sanding sponge in the warm, soapy water and cleaning the surfaces.  Then I wiped with the warm water, then dried with the second rag.

Then, I was ready to paint!

I use a foam roller like these, which are meant for cabinets and used the same semi-gloss, pre-mixed designer white from Ace Hardware we used on the built-ins and trim in the den and master bedroom.

I finished up the trim and the cabinets, and ta-da!!!

Fortunately, we had decent fixtures to work with, and the countertops are Corian.  We found the soap dispensers at Wal-Mart.

This might be the world's largest mirror...

The towels which inspired me to choose Benjamin Moore "White Rain."

We chose to keep the hardware because it wasn't horrible, and it was free... or at least already paid for.

We replaced the painted hinges with these from Home Depot:

The trim also got freshened up from the same yellow-y beige to bright white.

Now to find a barn door to slide across the door frame between the vanity area and the bedroom... and maybe take the water closet and shower area down the studs and rebuild...

Happy decorating!



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