Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just a Few Things

I embraced an unexpectedly empty Friday evening by heading to my favorite antique store to go digging.  I was looking for two of something to flank the den windows. I found two of these little things, expecting them to just be re-priced new items...

...then I flip them over to find these labels

I did not expect them to actually be vintage pieces, but hey, Jack, I'll take it (for $12 each).

You know me: I can' pass up a blue-and-white piece of pottery...

... for about $8, I had to make it mine.

You'd think I had forgotten what our last name starts with if you saw the number of "N's" displayed in our house, but I found this corrugated "N" for $7. Done and done.  It now resides on the built-in shelves in the den.

Happy picking!


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