Saturday, August 31, 2013

Calendar Turned Art

While perusing the antique store booths, I'm always looking for botanical prints, etchings, and unframed prints.  Imagine my surprise when I come across prints from an old Travelers Insurance calendar.  The images are all farmhouses, small townsquares, and landscapes... and $2 apiece. 


I pick out two that I think will work as a pair...

The back of each print has a calendar on the back from a month in 1981.  I can tell a little old man owned this particular calendar. Each day has a little note about the events of the day: "rained 3 inches"; "retiree event at Little Rock Air Force Base"; "hot and DRY"; "Robert came by." I love little details like these. 

"October Landscape" reminds me so much of Tennessee just south of Nashville...

... and "The Mill Stream" looks like east Tennessee.

One word: love. And also maybe homesick.

Another word: unframed. So I head to Hobby Lobby to try and find frames for these oddly-sized prints.  As luck would have it, frames are 50% off! (I act surprised, but everything is always 50% off there, right?) I happily score two traditional, black frames for $18.

Now to find somewhere to hang these beauties.

Happy treasure-hunting!

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