Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Unloved Chandelier

I have been searching for something to replace this last bit of 1970's dangling from the den ceiling...

Let's talk about how it's about 5 feet from the windows, so it's not anywhere near over my cane-back chair sitting area.  And it's faux brass. Even worse than regular, shiny brass.

It's been hard to find something that was a) affordable b) a chandelier, and c) not 70's/80's brass, so I have just avoided looking at the ceiling in the den.

I finally found this little gem at my usual antique store for $100...

...maybe it's a diamond in the rough.

So what if some of the crystals fell off when I got it home, and it was missing a light bulb? It is actual antique brass and crystal, and it has beautiful details.

Obviously, it needed some work. Fortunately I have a handyman on speed dial.


What? You wouldn't trust him with electricity?

We thought it might need re-wiring among other things so we headed to Home Depot.  We got 20 feet of silver wire...

... candle socket covers to replace the cracked, faux-dripping-wax candle thingers for about $2.50 per pack.

Plus, the new "candles" are bright white, so I think they'll freshen up the entire fixture.

We also bought 7 feet of decorative white chain to be able to swag the fixture from the weird placement over to the cane-back chair sitting area.

And check it out now...

All lit up and beautiful!

The new white candlesticks make such a big difference.

Happy lighting!

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