Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Progress Looks Like...

There's a reason I haven't posted anything about the master bedroom yet.  It's sort of a mess. A hot mess.  

When we moved in, it was the same unfortunate yellow-y beige of the trim... like the rest of the walls in the house.  So before we had even lived there one week, Grant's mom & I were painting it "White Rain" from Benjamin Moore.  It's a lovely color, but not-so-much next to the yellow-y trim...

It's hard to tell next to the current trim (and in this picture) that "White Rain" is really a pale robin's egg blue, but take my word for it. Or google it.

Today I decided I could not longer look at the not-so-robin's-egg color next to the yellow-y trim, so I started painting it forthwith. 

Unfortunately, that means for the next few days, we will be living with this:


Using the same prepping technique we used in the den (read about it here), we  got the trim ready for paint (the same designer white from Ace). And thus the fun begins...

Hopefully, this will be the cheap way to brighten up the room I have envisioned.

Pics to come!


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