Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Can Never Have Too Many...

I have been waiting for something like this: a weekend-long flea market.

Antique stores, yard sales, and permanent flea markets have nice finds, but there's something about a two- or three-day-long market that's magical.  Plus, the dealers come there to sell things; they don't want to pack it up and take it home again. They're wheelin' and dealin'.

Like a sign from above, I find a post on Craigslist that there will be a three-day flea market about 30 minutes from Little Rock in Conway, AR. I. Must. Go. 

The one hitch is I'm working this weekend. Doh!

Luckily enough, I got off mid-afternoon. Perfection! To Conway we go! (Needless to say, Grant was every bit as thrilled as I was to go to a flea market 30 minutes away... not.)

We pull up to this:

Ummm... not quite what I was expecting.  It looks like a newly-constructed elementary school.  No, no, this is the illustrious Conway Expo Center. Who knew?

Anyway, we walk into the expo, and it's like the planets have aligned, the skies have opened, and angels are singing: several football-fields of antiques, furniture, and junk.  

I make it about four booths into the first row, and I found what I was looking that perfect thing I didn't know I was looking for: a 1940's buffet with carved details, turned legs, dove-tailed joints, solid wood drawers. (I have an unhealthy obsession with buffets... I already have three. But they're just so pretty. And functional.)

Dove-tailing on drawers
Solid wood drawer bases
I search for the price tag, preparing to be let down, when lo and behold- it's $125. Can this be? Is this my lucky day?

I peruse the rest of the place to make sure the buffet is how I want to spend my cash, hoping it will still be there once I've seen everything.

We return to the booth and make an offer of $100 (like I said: these are dealers there to make deals.  I didn't follow my usual rule of offering 60-70% of the asking price because it was already such a good deal.)  The dealer takes the cash and we load it into the car (one of us was happier about it than the other...).

Once we get my fourth buffet set up in the house, I'm in love.

The wood on the drawers is really stunning.

I am contemplating painting the sides, which have some damage, and leaving the drawers and top wood.  I think painting the detail with a complementary color might be nice.

Or I may leave it.

Oh, the possibilities.



  1. I love these too! Gorgeous piece, and I think it is great as-is, but I also just had a very similar one where I stained it darker and painted the top and the drawer pulls white... and I love the way it turned out.

  2. It's just gorgeous - really really gorgeous!!!!
    I'm not the biggest wood lover - but this looks fabulous just the way it is :)
    Your newest google plus follower,

    1. thanks! it's quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces just the way it is :)

  3. Oh the possibilities indeed.

  4. This is beautiful! I love that you didn't jump straight to painting it - it's sooo gorgeous!
    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed's link party :)

  5. Thanks for checking us out! This is one of my all-time favorite pieces!

  6. That's a great find. I wouldn't paint it. And I paint everything!!! It is really pretty as is.
    PS. Found you on Miss Mustard Seed

  7. Oooh beautiful! I too have a buffet/sideboard addiction.

  8. I would leave it as is. It is beautiful!

  9. OH boy do I love that piece. You lucked out, must have been meant to be. Glad you got it for great price.Do you think you'll keep it without painting it? Our Goodwill would have charged at least $200 for it. We live west of Grand Junction, CO and it's quite expensive here even at thrift stores. We lived in western KY and I sure miss the selection of things there and the prices. Enjoy your new piece. Happy weekend

  10. I like that idea, especially if the drawers are in good shape. I love the look of half wood/half painted pieces. The detail is amazing so leaving it be is just as good of an option too(I didn't help not one bit, did I?). Stopped by via Miss Mustard Seed's Friday Linky Party!

  11. I love it and I especially love the price! I am in east central Florida and there is not much cool old stuff here to be found...then it is expensive!

    1. It is strange that different areas have different availability of antiques/ furniture. We had really good luck when we lived in Birmingham and Little Rock, but we have to hunt a lot more here in Chattanooga to find anything worth buying. Weird!