Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lighting the Way

Our house sits up a hill from the street, so to make any impact we needed lighting. Lots of lighting.

For the biggest bang, we started with two spot lights flanking the front door (about $16 each). Then we searched and searched for path lights that weren't LED or solar-powered (tip: those hardly put out any light).   Our house is so traditional, that craftsmen-style or ultra-modern lights wouldn't have fit

 Finally, we landed on these lights to line the planter beds along the path to the front door.

They were kind of pricey at around $30 each, so we bought three (odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye) to get us started.  They have such lovely details and are actually glass- not plastic.

We placed the lights strategically by evenly spacing them along the walkway up to the front door.

After Grant installed the three path lights and the spot lights, our house looked like this:

Next, we set our sights on the lanterns flanking the front door. (I have wanted to replace them since the day we moved in.) Oh, you didn't notice them? That's because the one on the left was broken, they were very small, and red... against a red brick house.

I wanted something oversized with dark metal in a traditional colonial-looking style.  Unfortunately, those can run hundreds of dollars. Back to the bargain-hunting.

We found these sweet things at Home Depot for around $40 each.

They are around 21" tall, which gives more impact from the street. And they're not rusty red... which is a big plus.

Sweet success! 

Lighting can make such a big difference in the way your house looks from the street (in our case, it made it look like someone actually lived in the house), and it doesn't have to be very expensive. Total, we have spent about $200.  When we put our house back on the market at some point in the future,  potential buyers coming by at night will drive up to a home-y looking house that appears well-maintained.  The return on investment is definitely worth it.

I think phase 2 will involve spot lights at the front corners of the house and maybe two more path lights for a total of five (again, my thing for odd numbers...)


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