Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Antique - ing on a Tuesday

Not my usual routine, but  I got off a smidge early... so how better to spend a nice afternoon than at one of my favorite antique stores?

I found these cute little white & blue stoneware dishes... 

... $6 apiece.  I think I will hang them in the dining room or maybe the den. Endless possibilities.

I have been eyeing this 3' x 5' bamboo rug for a while, and BOOM, today it was $18. 
Done. Sold.  Perfect for the sitting area by the window in the den. 

Also, I have been looking for an alternative to a traditional bedside table for our guest bedroom...


$12! Um, yes, please!  Admittedly, I am not the first person on earth to do this, but stools are a nice height for this purpose, but make sure you get one that has a flat seat... otherwise it won't be very functional.  I also like the idea of an oversized piece for a bedside table (large chest of drawers, large pie-crust table, etc.)

Lastly, I'm also always looking for pieces to hang on the walls that aren't canvas or framed art.  I think it adds to the feeling of decor being collected over time.  I found this punched metal piece for $5. 

When you're out looking for art, try to find things that aren't traditionally for walls. (I have a basket on one wall, a wagon wheel on another, oars above the couch, plates in the dining room... you get the idea.)  Between 3M picture-hanging strips and the various mounting hardware available out there at the hardware store, you can hang just about anything on the walls.

Happy picking!


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