Monday, July 29, 2013

A Small Step

A week or so ago, I posted about starting work on the master bedroom (read more about it here).

We have finished phase one: painting the unfortunate yellow-y beige trim bright white! Finally the paint (Benjamin Moore "White Rain") looks more like I wanted.

The teal-and-white curtains I made (see how here) fit a little better also.

Then we noticed the beige switchplate covers and outlets looked out of place... we replaced the plate covers and the switches themselves... all 547 of them... maybe that's an exaggeration. (This requires some electricity skill. Luckily, Grant has this know-how, but if you haven't don't, then hire someone. Better safe than sorry!) 

The rest of phase one mostly involved putting the room back in some sort of order because it's been in disarray since we moved here.  We bought our linens (which we really like)...

... and our furniture (which isn't our favorite anymore) when we first got married, but we can't replace it now, so we're making it work.  We love the bed, but would like to sell the big-box-store night stands and dresser and replace them with antique finds.  But for now, we like how phase one turned out.

Phase two will involve furniture-finding for the bedroom and painting the trim and cabinetry in the vanity area white (all are yellow-y beige now).  

Eventually, we will renovate the bathroom completely. (In the '70s, it was super-hip to have the vanity area open to the bedroom and have a separate water closet and shower. So odd.)

Here's to getting a little closer to a finished room!

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