Friday, July 26, 2013

A Lovely Little Thing

Some things just make me happy.. The blue & white buffet, for example:

It started like this, as part of a $300 dining room set from Craigslist:

It was really pretty: beautiful carved details, turned legs. But it had some wear: chipping and bubbling veneer in a couple places and missing hardware. Therefore, it met my criteria for paint:  I always ask myself, "Would someone want restore this to its original state someday?"  If it seems like a shame to cover beautiful wood, I wouldn't paint it. With missing pieces in the veneer, this piece would likely never look like it originally did.

So I painted it.

I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in "Grainsack" and "Flow Blue."  I left the top wood because once upon a time I painted the top of a table, and light reflecting on it showed every flaw.  Never again. I chose the blue because I wanted a dark blue to unify all the rooms on the ground floor, and I think having the two colors hightlights the lovely carved details.  Also, when I had The Amber Bottle booth at the antique store, everything had to be painted white in order to sell.  I went through gallons of white-ish paint.  This piece was for us, so I wanted to enjoy painting something the way we wanted.

I added bonding agent for the first coat, then just paint for the second coat. I followed the paint with hemp oil to seal it.


Happy painting!


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