Friday, July 26, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I wish I had some amazing progress to report with regards to the master bedroom project... alas.

Here are some things I've found second-hand that I LOVE! Maybe you can find some inspiration for your Saturday morning yard sale-ing.

1) Amber bottles. Hey, Jack- I'm a pharmacist! It's really cool to have relics from my profession. (I get asked a little too often if  Amber Bottle House is in reference to beer... )  I'd love to find some old apothecary weights or canisters, so if you have some you're looking to get rid of... :)

2) Again with the pharmacy-themed things! I would apologize, but I love what I do and the history that goes along with the profession. This was $3 at World Market (meant to be used for herbs or something), but it looks legit, right?

3) Antique scale basin.  I went in search of a primitive dough bowl (one of those long, wooden bowls) for my dining room centerpiece, but they were all way out of my budget.  I found this at an antique store for $18.  It's something unexpected compared to a basket or a glass bowl.

4) Antique tool box. I'm pretty sure Grant bought this $3 yard sale find in anticipation of putting tools in it. Oh, no, no, no. That is too nifty-looking not to be displayed!

5) Federalist-style ironstone.  Sets like this can go for up to $250 used on Craigslist. You know me, always looking for a bargain. I negotiated to get the set for way cheaper: $80. It's functional and pretty.

6) Silver sugar bowl. It kind of looks like a wee, little trophy.

7) Canvas & burlap art. The newest addition to my wall-hangings-without-a-home collection.  It's actually from Garden Ridge, but still a find nonetheless! (In person, it actually looks old rather than the obviously-fake-but-supposed-to-look-vintage stuff.)

Happy hunting!


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