Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome Home

The day we bought this house a few weeks ago, we started working turning this 2800-sq ft '70s colonial into our home.  

It went unloved and unlived-in for two years before two young professionals in search of a project found it.  Great built-ins, plantation shutters, and SPACE convinced us this could be home.

The "before" pictures speak for themselves, but someday it will be beautiful.

The den (the wet bar behind the doors has metallic wallpaper... on the ceiling. Totes classy...)
The walls and the trim in most rooms were painted THE SAME COLOR. Why? It's of course not white, either. No, they painted most of the walls and all the trim yellowy-cream. We will have to change that.

The living room looking through to the dining room (Luckily, the walls are not painted the trim color here)

Dining room... oh-so-before. 

Kitchen before (don't get excited thinking that's travertine... it's linoleum. So easy to clean, though!)  At first I thought navy corian would be icky, but I kind of like it... maybe I'm alone in that.

Downstairs half-bath. Surprisingly modern and tasteful!

Guest bedroom. So plain. So beige.

Guest bath. So kind of the previous owners to leave their, eh-hem, lovely window treatments... 

My office!!! I love the built-ins and both windows!

The master. Let me point out the trim-colored walls and the fan directly to the left of the only light in the room.  These fixtures are not centered. On anything. Also if  you turn on the light while the fan blades are spinning, it's dizzying. But it's a HUGE room with a bathroom and closet. I'm pretty sure our previous abode could fit inside this room.

The hubs also has an office upstairs, but the "before" will likely look a lot like the "after." There had to be somewhere for his HUGE maroon recliner and manly things.

Before living here, I had never done much gardening, so I had to send my mother a picture of this planter to confirm everything was weeds. Sure enough, all weeds.

This could get overwhelming, but slow and steady wins the race!  We love this house and are glad it has a family living in it again.


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